REalliance is the ready-made partner for Government to deliver the priorities of engaging with civil society, minimising unnecessary waste, reducing carbon impacts, increasing the recycling and reuse of resources, linking with local authorities to add capacity and promoting volunteering.

We demonstrate excellent and effective collaboration across the major community resource use networks.  Our track record shows:

  • we are experts in our field;
  • we deliver efficiently and effectively;
  • we network widely and inclusively;
  • we operate at a grass roots level while influencing at government level;
  • our members are all shapes, sizes and colours – a truly civil society;
  • we manage our organisations professionally;
  • we share mutual confidence and respect between REalliance, our networks and their members.
Social benefits

– not just reducing waste to landfill – resource recycling and reuse enables volunteering, training, placements, community action and healthy lifestyles; it reaches the disengaged, reduces benefit dependency and supports low-income families.


– tapping in to the passion that people have for various connected issues.  Decentralisation and value-for-money can be converted immediately by REalliance into delivered programmes and processes.

Partnering with Government

– REalliance has an excellent track record of delivering Government priorities – our recent three-year programme engaged with over 700 civil society organisations throughout England and met serious targets on waste minimisation, recycling and resource reuse as well as providing jobs, training and placements.

Bridging the gap

– REalliance has national reach and uses its networks to ensure important messages are quickly dispersed to local civil society organisations.  REalliance also uses its collective knowledge to advise and inform research and decision-makers.


– we already have established links between civil society organisations and local authorities – we are well positioned to provide extra capacity for local authorities right now.

The Future

– REalliance is a lean and efficient social enterprise.  We are working hard to ensure that our member organisations can continue to work effectively at the local level.  We are helping our colleagues in central and local government departments to refine their priorities and define delivery mechanisms.

Our priorities

  • Reducing the production of waste at the manufacturing stage.
  • Diverting materials up the waste hierarchy; minimising unnecessary waste and carbon impacts.
  • Ensuring regulations are appropriate and proportionate at the local and community scale.
  • Linking Government to Civil Society.
  • Enabling local delivery.
  • Increasing the amount of resources recycled, composted and reused.
  • Increasing the number of people engaged in volunteering and training.