Investing in Social Enterprise Expansion

Resource Partnership Delivery

This project support social enterprises working in the field to secure work providing public sector services by working together and using consortia where appropriate.  The project will works directly with organisations where we have identified potential opportunities and will seek to identify key learning which can be applied more widely.
Our initial focus  will be on working with Social Enterprises to help them to provide services to collect and re-use bulky items (e.g. furniture or white goods) that householders no longer require.  This will not only reduce the amount of waste that goes to landfill, it will also provide low cost items to disadvantaged families and training and volunteer opportunities for individuals working with the social enterprises. 

Some of the key challenges include ensuring that our partners have a clear framework which outlines how they will work together and also ensuring that the public bodies who are commissioning services are happy with the approach the social enterprises are taking and that the commissioner’s approach to procurement of these services is appropriate.

During the project we are hoping to create and support six delivery partnerships involving up to 75 third sector organisations with different specialisms in shared, revenue-positive contracts. We will demonstrate the practical value of partnership working to the third sector, and show commissioners the real power of third sector delivery.

This project is being delivered in partnership with the Social Enterprise UK, Coin Street Community Builders, The Plunkett Foundation and the School for Social Entrepreneurs.  It is funded by the BIG Lottery fund as part of its BASIS programme.